8 steps to your Facebook Fanpage.

How to create a Facebook fan page

8 steps to your Facebook fan page

Step 1: Create an account with Facebook or log in with existing credentials. It is better to have a private account on Facebook so that you can invite your friends to like your Facebook Page.

Step 2: Post logging in choose the option of Create Page from the extreme right dropdown for settings.

Step 3: Select the category which best defines the type of your page

Step 4: We here select an option Writer. This means we are creating a Fan Page for a Public Figure

Step 5: Post clicking on Get Started you need to complete your Fan Page installation in three easy steps, viz.

5.1 About: A precise description of the page (here it’s person)

5.2 Profile Picture: Upload an appropriate photograph or logo that denotes the spirit behind the brand or person.

5.3 Add to Favourites: Through this latest feature you can add your Fan Page to your personal account for an easy access to notifications, post updates, messages and events

5.4 Reach More People: Facebook plays ads for your Fan Page wherein you choose the audience the ad to be displayed to. This subscription needs you to integrate your credit card for regular payments towards the number of people reached in a day.


Facebook ads do not only spread a word about your Page, but even helps generate leads and business.


Step 6: After setting up the information that Facebook requires from you , you are now directed to the Fan Page laced with advanced features.

There is the Like tab through which new people or existing friends can connect with you and become a fan.

Notifications of course lists the notifications of new likes, shares or comments posted by your fans. Now it also list ‘motivation’ message from Facebook if your page activity goes slow.

Messages is for any person, whether a fan or not who wants to have a private chat with you.

New Likes shows you the very recent users on Facebook who have liked your page. If needed you can check their personal pages by a single click on their profile link.

Insights is the best feature you are awarded with. It gives a report on total likes, new likes, page performances in terms of people reach (organic or inorganic), people engaged though reach your posts, etc. Precisely it helps you monitor page performance in terms of reach and engagement.

Page Tips is a simple tutorial that followed can help you increase your audience and eventually customers.


Step 7: Add a clear and best suited profile picture and a cover photo.

Step 8: Now you are ready to say Hello to the world and reach out to everyone out there.

Wish you a happy start! :)

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